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Expired Best Before date means little for dry packaged foods

What actually is the Best Before Meaning

Find out exactly about the best before meaning. The Australian Food Authority classifies food products into those that need a strict “Use By” date (usually containing moisture and contamination risk) and those that are packaged dry grocery products with a really long shelf life which only requires a “Best Before” recommendation from the food manufacturer. So Its an indication of when the Manufacturer thinks it might still be at its freshest whilst still in the packaging supplied.

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Some manufacturers are overly cautious and some deliberately make it a shorter date that it needs to be, just so that retailers with discount it and restock from them faster. So the best before meaning is vague and meant to be a guide only, Dont let it decide when to through out good food. Smell it and then taste it first.

Comparing Use By And Best Before Dates

Dry packaged foods have an extremely long shelf life when stored in a cool dry warehouse in airtight packaging. Many consumers get the “Best Before” label recommendation on dry grocery foods, confused with “Use By” labels which are important and are applied to foods that have moisture content like meat and eggs etc., and that do deteriorate quickly.

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