• "Best Befor" date is a recommendation only - "Use By" date is the one that is important

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  • On wasted Food "There is a generation of people who think that Best Before and Use By date are the same thing" ----- Dan Cluderay of Approved Food,
  • "The Average person can save up to 70% on food purchases" ----- Dan Cluderay of Approved Food,
  • "Australia wastes 4 million tonnes of food each year. This equates to 523kg per household, which is the same weight as just over 5 average size fridges!" ----- Foodwise
  • We want Australians to become more educated and informed about the food that they eat. In short we want Australians to become FoodWise.---- Foodwise.com.au
  • 35% of municipal waste is food (equivalent to 2.675 million tonnes of household food waste), 21.5% of commercial and industrial waste is food ---- The National Waste Report 2010 by the Department of Environment
  • We acquires goods from manufacturers and distribute the discounted items primarily to dollar stores, food banks, and thrift stores ---- Jon Auspitz Whamfoods